Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Another blogger looks at Bingaman's Wilderness bill

S.1689 or the Federal Government as an Incompetent, Criminal Faciliating Bully is the post at Cowboys and Tea Parties.

His take on the bill:
When the Federal government, or Senators such as New Mexico Senators Jeff Bingaman and Tom Udall designate a section of land on the border as "Wilderness" they create a de facto no man lands which not only becomes a smuggling corridor but a land of misery when illegal immigrants are brutalized, women raped and drugs are imported into our Country to poison our youth and society. S.1689 The Organ Mountain-Desert Peaks Wilderness Act will do for New Mexico what the Federal Governments previous Wilderness designations did for Arizona,.....void large tracts of land adjacent to the border out of our sovereign control, decrease or eliminate local, state and federal law enforcement activity, and increase illegal activity. There are only three non-governmental groups advocating the passage of S.1689,....the radical environmental community the Sinaloan Cartel and the Juarez Cartel.

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