Thursday, December 09, 2010

Book Review: Cleanin' Up

Illustration for "Yeller Streak"
Cleanin’ Up

Stories and Poems by Les Buffham
Cartoons by Etienne “A-10” Etcheverry

Years in the making, this book is a hilarious collaboration between these two gents.

Les Buffham is an award winning poet and song writer, and Etienne “A-10” Etcheverry an award winning cartoonist. They are both cowboys, and have been around some too. Put ‘em together and you get some poems by Les, some stories by Les, and some “A-10” stories told by Les. All of which are illustrated by “A-10” in his unique style.

Delve into this publication and you will find the answers to such burning questions as:

° Why would you need a carpenter to doctor an injured bull rider?

° Why would A-10’s Aunt Viv be packing heat in her back yard and wearing only a bra and panties?

° Can the cowboy airplane mechanics fix the tail of their ship while chasin’ the tail of the rancher’s daughter?

° What happens when a Hispanic dandy, riding a prancin’ stud and wearing Chihuahua spurs suddenly meets up with some emus?

° Why does Les recommend you wear tennis shoes when taking a shower?

° Can a dog chasing a pack of cats into a barn where a horseshoer is in the midst of performing his craft possibly have a disrupting influence on the horse?

° How did A-10’s affair with Batman’s Wife turn out?

° What is the relationship between an ex-wife, a calendar, a cartoonist and Osama Bin Laden that sparks a visit from the FBI?

And that folks, is just a small sampling of the mysteries contained in this compilation of classic literature, with each story tastefully illustrated so as to emphasize the primary point of discussion.

Actually, it’s not that at all. It is a rip-roaring walk with some crazy characters you will long remember. But those mysteries are there, and if you like to ponder such things, you better get this book.

Here's how to get the book, and some calendars too.

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