Monday, December 06, 2010

Democrats seek changes in wolf recovery program

Martin Heinrich
A dozen Democratic members of Congress have asked Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in a letter to change a federal Mexican gray wolf recovery effort project. The Dec. 1 letter was signed by New Mexico Rep. Martin Heinrich and Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva and recommends the release of eight wolves in Arizona and 14 in New Mexico considered eligible for release under the program's rules. The lawmakers also recommended the retrieval of telemetry receivers loaned to private parties that alert ranchers and property owners when wolves are nearby. Some conservationists believe the telemetry receivers can be used to locate and kill Mexican gray wolves. Thirty-five wolves have been killed illegally since the program was launched along the Arizona-New Mexico border in 1998 with the release of wolves into a national forest in southeast Arizona. The letter also asks Fish and Wildlife to release a completed draft environmental assessment that could lead to a new policy allowing captive wolves to be released directly into New Mexico. Under current rules, wolves new to the wild can only be released initially into Arizona, with New Mexico reserved for the relocation of previously captured wolves...more

Rural New Mexicans and ag producers take a look at the Congress Critter from Albuquerque. Heinrich is the one pushing for an Omnibus Public Lands Bill in the House and now he's promoting changes to the wolf program that will make it even worse for rural folk and their families. You better get to know this former EartFirster, because he is out to get you.

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