Wednesday, December 08, 2010

More than 260 bears are killed on first day of controversial N.J. bear hunt

If you count the dead, the New Jersey Bear Hunt is getting to be a fairly big deal. Thousands of hunters plunged into the woods of northwestern New Jersey today killing 264 bears, the biggest one day take in the hunt’s seven-year history. One by one, hunters in pick-up trucks hauled furry carcasses into weighing stations, as hundreds of other armed outdoorsmen filtered through the woods. They were stalking the rangy animal beasts that prompted the hunt by preying on livestock, the occasional house pet and, mostly, table scraps tossed in the trash at the margins of suburbia. In response, dozens of protesters railed against what is expected to be the state’s biggest bear hunt — so far, at least. With 7,800 permits issued to reduce a bear population now estimated at 3,400, hunters found easy targets. The six-day hunt began 30 minutes before sunrise, around 7 a.m., in seven counties, mostly in the northwestern part of the state. David Chanda, director of the state Division of Fish and Wildlife, the hunt’s sponsor, said that traditionally 5 percent to 7 percent of permits issued result in a kill, which would mean a count of 375 to 550 bear this week, though Chanda said as many as 700 could be killed...more

When it comes to controlling wildlife populations those easterners are putting us to shame.

Hey, a bunch of pundits are touting the NJ Governor for President. He's been hacking away at the budget and taking on the unions. And now he's letting the folks slaughter bears. He's looking better every day.

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