Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Move made to strip NM Environmental Improvement Board of its ruling-making authority

Democrats and Republicans on the Government Restructuring Task Force joined together Monday (Dec. 20) to pass a motion that could see the legislature strip the state’s Environmental Improvement Board of its power to dictate policy, turning the EIB into strictly an advisory board. The motion was introduced by Rep. Paul Bandy (R-Aztec) and passed with only Sen. Tim Eichenberg (D-Bernalillo County) opposing. The EIB recently passed a controversial measure requiring the state to take part in a regional cap and trade plan and then passed a state-wide cap limiting emissions. Environmentalists praised the measures but industry interests say the plans will do nothing substantial to reduce green house gases and will put New Mexico’s energy companies at a competitive disadvantage. Under the motion passed Monday, the EIB would lose its rule-making authority and would function as a technical, advisory board to the Secretary of the Environment Department. Only the environmental secretary — acting through the governor’s office — would have power to carry out rules and regulations...more

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