Wednesday, December 08, 2010

PETA Gives 'Compassion Award' to NYPD for Switching Mousetraps

The New York Police Department has been commended for a new method to catch trespassers--the small, furry ones running loose at the headquarters of the nation's largest department. The strategy? Spring-loaded mousetraps. The department had been using glue traps, where mice get stuck and can live up to 24 hours, to get rid of the rodent problem at 1 Police Plaza. On Oct. 12, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals received an anonymous complaint about the traps. "We immediately conveyed our concerns to Police Commissioner (Raymond) Kelly and asked that they ban glue trap usage," Martin Mersereau, the director of PETA's emergency response division, said Thursday. The department responded in November. Chief NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said Thursday that the traps were replaced with two types of professional-grade traps PETA recommended, created to kill mice instantly. The department spends about $100,000 annually on extermination, using the Brooklyn-based company KingsWay, whose motto is, "We kill with skill." As a result, the animal rights group awarded the department and Kelly the Compassion Award, for the decision "to stop using cruel glue traps."...more

That's about right. Taser the hell out of people but be nice to the mice.

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