Monday, December 06, 2010

The Road to Cancun

What we are witnessing today, here and everywhere, is the embryonic formation of a New Climate Internationale--farmers, workers, indigenous people, students, and consumers uniting to save the Earth from catastrophic global warming. What we are demonstrating on hundreds of thousands of organic farms and ranches; in thousands of community organizing projects; and in our direct action protests to stop coal plants, mega-developments, and deforestation is that a New World is possible--a new, relocalized climate-friendly Commonwealth, rising out of the rubble and ruins of the old. Beyond the disinformation of Fox News and the gloom and doom of the mainstream mass media, there are rays of sunshine, brighter and stronger by the day. A global climate justice movement is emerging and moving forward, with no help whatsoever from the Obama Administration; and openly defying the powerful climate change deniers in Corporate America and the U.S. Congress...more

They are still out there...

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