Monday, December 20, 2010

Rubber bullets for Agent Terry?

Caveat Emptor The following reports are unconfirmed 2nd or 3rd hand accounts, but come from three different sources that have all been credible in the past. I was told twice today that Border Patol Agent Brian A. Terry, who was killed on December 14th, was armed with “bean-bag rounds.” "Bean bag rounds" are used when a person is a danger to himself or others, but is not a direct threat in such a manner that lethal force would be appropriate. The round is intended to disable or stun the person without killing them. 50% of cases are when the assailant has a bladed weapon. Another source related to me that Terry “had a 12 gauge with rubber bullets.” That is, a 12 gauge shotgun with rubber bullets, as opposed to OO buckshot, for example. Either way, if correct, Agent Terry was armed with a “non-lethal” weapon in an area so dangerous that only the elite agents of BORTAC were allowed to patrol. What gives? Did he have his M-4 rifle with him as well? Don’t know. Terry was a Marine, so of course he joined BORTAC. One person said to me this morning, "They armed a warrior with a water pistol." Recently, agents in the area west of Rio Rico spotted the thugs who were suspected of ripping off the drug mules and of multiple rapes. 2 or 3 times agents radioed in that they could “take these guys.” But, they were told by their supervisors multiple times to disengage, “We want to take them alive.” “Taking them alive” could be just an excuse to get the agents to back off so there would be no gun play. "Taking them alive" could also be a legit op, but for these punks? What valuable intelligence could possibly be learned from a bunch of rogue robbers/rapists? If you think about it, taking them alive would at the least mean; capture, arrest, charges, an arraignment, the Mexican Council getting involved, the U.S. Attorney, a trial, sentencing and, of course, press coverage at almost every step. Does anyone think for a minute that this Administration, or the Mexican government for that matter, wanted any of that? And for what? These guys? If they surrender that's one thing, but to plan to take them alive? Not high value targets at all. Whatever the case, you can take somebody alive with lethal weapons. It’s done all the time. It's up to the suspect to decide if they want to be taken alive or shoot it out, which in this case they did and Brian Terry died...more

This article has generated quite a few comments across the net. Some say its a false report, others say the agent has a choice on which ammo he's carrying, others say its accurate and point to the administration's "non-lethal" policy.

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