Friday, January 28, 2011

Beverage company introduces beef-flavored water

Ground Beef + Aged Cheddar
It's a brand-new year and many of us have resolved to eat more salad. And keeping that vow may easier than ever, since now there's a way to drink your greens, not just chew them. New Yorker Till Krautkraemer is the founder of MeatWater, a beverage company that creates hearty -- and obviously meaty -- meal supplement drinks in highly unusual flavors like cheeseburger, barbecued chicken wings and Italian sausage. To ring in the new year and toast to a healthier lifestyle, Krautkraemer has just released four new offbeat offerings that are vegan-friendly and devoid of animal byproducts. The new flavors in his MeatWaterVOID line include poached salmon salad -- which supposedly tastes like a piece of salmon over lettuce, asparagus and mustard seeds -- and grilled chicken salad, a green-colored beverage said to taste like grilled chicken, spinach and onions, complete with a balsamic vinegar dressing. Then there's grilled Thai beef salad, a dark reddish, "mildly spicy but SUPER beefy" flavor that supposedly tastes like flank steak, red leaf lettuce, cucumber and garlic. And, finally, there's Krautkraemer's favorite: Caribbean shrimp salad, a light-pink concoction designed to taste like grilled shrimp, mixed greens and raspberries...more

Are you thirsty yet? 

Me? I'm in the mood for calf fries cooked over a branding fire and some cool well water.

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