Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hello, Big Brother: Digital sensors are watching us

Odds are you will be monitored today — many times over. Surveillance cameras at airports, subways, banks and other public venues are not the only devices tracking you. Inexpensive, ever-watchful digital sensors are now ubiquitous. They are in laptop webcams, video-game motion sensors, smartphone cameras, utility meters, passports and employee ID cards. Step out your front door and you could be captured in a high-resolution photograph taken from the air or street by Google or Microsoft, as they update their respective mapping services. Drive down a city thoroughfare, cross a toll bridge, or park at certain shopping malls and your license plate will be recorded and time-stamped. Several developments have converged to push the monitoring of human activity far beyond what George Orwell imagined. Low-cost digital cameras, motion sensors and biometric readers are proliferating just as the cost of storing digital data is decreasing. The result: the explosion of sensor data collection and storage...more

Some of my rural friends are probably saying this is all happening in the big city. You just wait. There will be monitoring devices on every gate and cattle guard, and drones flying overhead all to enforce the terms and conditions of your permit.

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Anonymous said...

When they put them in the country they better make them bullet proof!