Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let's just ban it

A couple in Houston are banned from feeding the homeless because they don't have a permit.

A town in Florida has banned internet sweepstake cafes.

The UK is banning an ad for Coca-Cola Vitamin Water.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has ruled that Dire Straits' 1980s hit Money for Nothing is too offensive for Canadian radio.

Multiple states are banning alcoholic energy drinks.

Obama has banned white potatoes from the WIC program.

The Little People want to ban the word "midget" from broadcast television.

San Francisco has banned Happy Meals and CSPI is suing to ban Happy Meals toys.

Not to be outdone the Los Angeles City Council has banned all new fast-food restaurants in South LA.

NY wants to ban "e-cigarettes".

Colorado is set to ban the sale of light, low-calorie and low-alcohol beer in bars.

And, in the most dastardly deed of all, the Ivory Coast has banned the export of cocoa.

That just about bans me out. I want to start an organization devoted to banning politicians who ban stuff. But what should I call it? Please help me out with a name.

1 comment:

Don Coyote said...

It's been done, but didn't take a-holt. It was called the American Revolution.

Maybe you could call it Freedom. No--wait--that's taken, somewhere in some Third World country.