Friday, January 28, 2011

Ranchers, lawmakers introduce bill calling on feds to tighten border security

Exactly ten months after rancher Robert Krentz was gunned down on his property, fellow ranchers in the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association are calling on the federal government to tighten border security through a new bill introduced by Republican state senator Sylvia Allen. The bill, modeled on the association's 18-point Restore Our Border security plan, calls for thousands of additional National Guard troops, increased border patrol and improved technology for the Tucson sector. "Almost every week we're going to address the issue. Our border security is an absolute priority. We've got to secure the border before we can move forward with any issues concerning immigration," Allen said. Patrick Bray, executive vice-president of the association, said many ranchers are surprised and dismayed by the fact that Krentz's death, along with the murder of Agent Brian Terry only months later, didn't compel the Obama Administration to be more proactive in tightening the border. He believes one purpose of the bill is to increase awareness and continue calling attention to the problems at the border, given the many issues with which Arizona contends. "At this point in time, the severity of the issue remains, the safety of the issue remains and not much has been done," Bray told KGUN9 News. "[Ranchers] are starting to lose faith that the federal government will do something."...more

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