Friday, January 14, 2011

U.S. Park Police Chief -- Fired for Whistle-Blowing in 2004 -- Is Reinstated

A federal appeals board Tuesday ordered that Teresa Chambers be reinstated as chief of the U.S. Park Police, seven years after she was fired for telling reporters that her department was understaffed and in need of more funding. The decision by the Merit Systems Protection Board, which also awarded Chambers back pay with interest, was celebrated as a major victory in the whistle-blower community. In a testament to the fact that such reinstatements are rare, Chambers said she was stunned by Tuesday's decision. She added that she's looking forward to returning to the U.S. Park Police "and picking up the pieces and continuing to serve my country." Chambers said she hopes the ruling will bring about some positive impacts for other civil servants who want to speak out...more


bon said...

Good for her. Now, WHEN is she to be re-instated as a member of the Chambers family, whom she abandoned in her obsessive quest for re-coronation?

wctube said...

The policy revokes a previous pact Utah had negotiated with the Bush Administration.