Friday, January 28, 2011

'We Will Take a Stand', Cattlemen, new sheriff vow to renew fight against Forest Service

The federal Forest Service shot down earlier this month appeals from cattlemen on the Alamosa and Jarita Mesa grazing allotments that sought to preserve grazing rights the cattlemen say pre-date the Forest Service’s jurisdiction. The Forest Service passed a decision to cut the number of cattle allowed to graze on the allotments by 18 percent over the next five years. The appeal, disputing the reductions proposed by El Rito District Head Ranger Diana Trujillo, was denied Jan. 13 by Carson National Forest Supervisor Kendall Clark. Clark upheld Trujillo’s decision to follow the recommendations of an “environmental assessment” of the area that recommended the “unsustainable” grazing numbers be reduced to lessen the ecological impacts on the land. Rancher Sebedeo Chacon, who said he stands to lose 26 cattle in the reductions, has demanded the resignation of Trujillo. He has a petition from last February with over 500 signatures supporting her resignation after Trujillo and local ranchers butted heads over her management of the District. And some cattlemen want outright defiance of the federal rules by local law enforcement. Forest Service rangers need to be deputized by Sheriff Tommy Rodella to have law enforcement authority in Rio Arriba County, according to statute. Carlos Salazar, president of the Association, suggested Rodella consider snubbing federal agents and simply not enforce the reductions — a proposition in which Rodella expressed tentative interest. “We are researching it, and within the parameters of the law, we will take a stand,” Rodella said...more


Anonymous said...

Well, back to the 60's again? Raiding the courthouse? National Guard with tanks in the forest? Snipers on top of the Ranger Station? Forest signs being burned?
What happened to the "ranchers are good stewards" idea? What happened to the process of working with permittees and explaining, showing, riding with them, and all the other good things described in the green book?
Please keep covering this. The billboard outside of TA said tierra o muerto. Is that still there? Looks like the sentiment is.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, well you must not be from New Mexico, or maybe you are, and you must be part of the RACE that still promotes the ideal of Manifest Destiny, or you may be a coconut. Get this through your brain waves. It is about social justice for the minority, for a group of people who have sustained their lives raising cattle, sheep and farming. The USFS, AKA "Green Gastapo" and the great white way have created these unjustices. So, if people want to stand up for their beliefs, GOOD. Egypt right now is in the midst of standing for social equality and to rid the country of a dictatorship. This is America and let freedom ring and goodbye to Manifest Destiny and the great white way.