Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Ag Secretary: Federal Dietary Guidelines Changed My Life

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack confessed today that he had “never read” the federal government's dietary guidelines until he joined the Obama Administration and since he read them it had changed his life. “I must admit personally, I had never read the dietary guidelines until I got this job. But I read them in detail. I read all of them and I realized how significantly different my eating habits were from what constituted a healthy pattern. So personally, my life has changed by virtue of these dietary guidelines,” he told an audience at George Washington University on Monday as he and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius unveiled the newest set of federal dietary guidelines...more

Unfortunately, based on his policy and legislative pronouncements, Vilsack has "never read" the Constitution either.

And speaking of obesity, both Secretaries should be looking at their own departments.


jeni4health said...

The Federal Dietary Guidelines are really life changing. I think most people have an idea of what it say but have not actually read it. Healthy eating is important for healthy bodies and we need to keep sending that message.

Anonymous said...

Healthy eating is my business and not your business! You might like Soy Milk and I like whole milk. I like pork roast and you like lentil loaf. I like 2 eggs, bacon, toast and coffee for breakfast, and you like grapes, weak tea and a stool softener. The Federal government can't even deliver the mail, so why should we follow its dietary guidelines?