Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Female Troubles: Don’t drop the lingo through

People that are involved with livestock and agriculture take for granted that everyone seems to know what they are talking about in conversations. It has nothing to do with “redneck” verbiage or anything that implies a lack of knowledge; in fact the opposite can be said. Less than 2 percent of the population makes the food and fiber for the rest. With numbers like that, you bet that there is a whole lot of science and technology making that staggering statistic possible. And where there is applied science, there are scientists. Scientists love naming things so that the common population couldn't possibly say it all in one breath. I believe it is in their code of ethics somewhere. Consequently, when farmers or ranchers try to use the words, we sound stupid sounding them out, not to mention losing a couple of hours of daylight just saying them. Therefore, it is common to see words shortened or dropped entirely for the sake of getting as much accomplished in a conversation as possible. Ag people (see how easy it is?) love to make abbreviations and verbs out of scientific words. Case and point...more

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