Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Forest Service vying for water rights

The U.S. Forest Service is addressing "Notice of Application to Appropriate Public Water Instream Flow Maintenance," posted at area post offices. The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests is applying for non-consumptive water rights to ensure enough water flow remains in streams to sustain and protect fish, wildlife and recreation opportunities within the Forest's streams. The Forest Service must apply for a water right from the state of Arizona just like any other water user. The non-consumptive water right the Forest Service is applying for does not allow the agency to use the water from the stream, it will not divert or interfere with surface water flow, and does not affect any existing (senior) water rights. The Forest Service is applying for the water right to protect forest water resources that are vital for a healthy forest ecosystem. The Forest Service cannot file for water rights on lands that they do not manage...more

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Anonymous said...

Well, does this stream water stop on forest land or does it flow and possibily originate off-forest? Appropriation means just that, getting hold of the water without a water right. The Organic Act provides for waters to be used on site for certain specific purposed. The Forest Service needs to dust off the Act and use the water appropriated for those uses and no others. If they want more water then they should be required to purchase it from a willing seller.