Thursday, February 24, 2011

Funding Impasse Threatens Park Shutdowns, Oil and Gas Permitting Freeze

Looks like they are breaking out the old national park syndrome, trying to influence/scare those who are attempting to implement some fiscal sanity. Here's the NY Times:
As lawmakers struggle to pass a spending bill before current federal funding runs out next week, observers warn that a government shutdown could severely hamper land management agencies and the people and businesses they support. Failure to extend funding could mean furloughs for tens of thousands of agency employees and lead to the closure of national parks, the loss of regional tourism dollars and the cessation of permitting for oil and gas drilling, mining, recreation and other public land uses...
Well visitation to the national parks was down by 4.2 million last year anyway, so I say shut them down.

Furloughing "tens of thousands" of envirocrats? Let's call them Freedom Furloughs and have plenty of them.

Permits? Have enough of those Freedom Furloughs and we won't need no stinking permits.  Federal lands will once again become public lands, or better yet private lands.

Let's make The West a permit-free zone.


Anonymous said...

Entrenched bureaucrats are as persistent as skunk smell.

Anonymous said...

Yep, all for you - or more realistically, the corporations you lick the boots of. You can play landed gentry for a few more years until the economy vaporizes and then assume your proper role as feudal slave to your puppet masters. The final solution is the right one: for you.