Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Gov. Herbert: 'Up for the fight' with Salazar on wild lands issue

Gov. Gary Herbert assured a packed room of people representing rural issues that he is "not going to sit still and take" Interior Secretary Ken Salazar's policy shift directing a reinventory of public lands to determine if some are "wild." "This was a real significant blow, mainly because I got blindsided," he told those gathered Friday at the Utah State Capitol for the inaugural Rural Legislative Day. "I'm up for the fight. We have three arrows in our quiver" that are first and foremost negotiation, which he says he prefers, and then legislation such as the Washington County Lands bill that brokered a ground-up, locally driven compromise on wilderness protections, and finally, litigation. "I am not afraid to use all three of them as necessary," Herbert said. Concern over Salazar's December order that state Bureau of Land Management offices begin a reinventory of its lands — particularly with an eye for "wild" characteristics — dominated the discussion during the meeting, underscoring a heightened sense of ambiguity when it comes to what is, and is not, an allowed use on public lands...more

"This was a real significant blow, mainly because I got blindsided,"

What the hell does that mean? If Salazar had told him about it before it was announced to the public would his position have been different?

Come on Guv, how about a little what's right and what's wrong rather than how you feel you've been treated.

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