Friday, February 18, 2011

Governor's Wolf Statement Sparks Debate

The Governor's statement spurred both anger and jubilitation. Environmentalists are decrying it. Many ranchers and hunters say it's high time. Jeff Snavely is the cattle manager of a large ranch near Darby. The cattleman lost a cow dog to wolves. There have been sightings of wolves on the ranch. They travel through there. Snavely says, if a wolf "was threatening my way of life, my livestock, my dogs, I would protect my animals and the owner's livestock." He thinks Schweitzer made the right decision. Bob Clark from the Sierra Club calls it "political grandstanding." He says there's already a system in place to protect the rancher if it's verified cattle are killed by wolves. Clark says dogs kill more livestock than wolves...more

You can see the Governor's letter here.

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Anonymous said...

If you think you are going to get paid for wolves killing your livestock you better be prepared for a long and fruitless fight. As you can see the moonbats will blame everything but wolves for your losses. Next it will be space aliens who are doing the killing.
Vote them out!! That is our only chance.