Friday, February 25, 2011

Groups sign pact to restore northern Ariz. forests

A group of people who had been legal adversaries at times have signed an agreement to help restore northern Arizona's ponderosa pine forest. Conservationists, scientists, timber industry representatives, local officials and the U.S. Forest Service agreed this week to work together to help accelerate restoration in a 2.4 million-acre area along the Mogollon Rim. The Four Forest Restoration Initiative is aimed at establishing natural fire regimes, reducing fire threats to communities and creating sustainable forest industries. Coconino National Forest Supervisor Earl Stewart says the signing by more than 20 organizations shows how people with different viewpoints can work toward a common goal. The Forest Service released a proposal last month to treat the first 750,000 acres on the Coconino and Kaibab forests. The public comment period expires March 11. AP

I wish them well, but in other instances some group who is not a party to the agreement appeals or sues and either delays or kills the project(s).


Anonymous said...

Some more of that Pre-Columbian pap the enviro moonbats want to impose on the landscape. Natural Fire is always one of the mantras they promote, but don't know how to manage. Review the Los Alamos fiasco which was the result of them trying to mimic Natural Fire. "Restoring" the Mollogon Rim forest which is a mixture of Ponderosa Pine and Firs is not needed, because it is still in place. The only thing the moonbats want are the large diameter "yellow bellies" which were harvested during the late 60's. Given time (300years) they will return. Can you afford to wait for that to happen? I suppose the economy of Northern Arizona will depend upon viewing the Grand Canyon?

Anonymous said...

This strikes me as another foundation for passing future regulations aimed at disenfranchising groups deemed "inappropriate" to current Forest Service exclusionary policy (as manipulated and set by enviro groups). Much the way The Travel Management Rule was adopted during the Clinton admin evolved to further suit enviro groups by excluding groups of "inappropriate" forest users. Even though over bearing enviro dissent is supposedly addressed during the NEPA process, the mold is cast and the dissent process is reduced to going thru the motions/CYA for the FS. Anything meaningful incorporated in the NEPA process is quickly appealled and changed by the enviros. It's another ruse for more regulation down the road.