Friday, February 25, 2011

Oregon rancher turns 10,000 acres into wildlife habitat

A rancher in Eastern Oregon has placed over 10,000 acres of wildlife habitat under permanent protection with a conservation easement with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. The easement ensures the future of vital winter range for a regional herd of 600-800 elk. John and Patricia Habberstad of China Peak Ranch, near Monument, have placed 10,334 acres under easement with RMEF in three stages dating back to 2002. The most recent action, completed in January, added 5,101 acres to the total. Bill Richardson, RMEF lands program manager for Oregon and Washington, said, “The Habberstads are doing a wonderful job of managing their land for the benefit of wildlife. They have worked to rejuvenate decadent fields, control invasive weeds and juniper, establish water sources and develop springs. The native bunchgrasses on the ranch are flourishing and the habitat quality is on an upward trajectory.”...more

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Anonymous said...

Hundreds of elk now, thousands later. Just like prairie dogs they expand to fill and overflow their habitat, While RMEF members have visions of super horns dancing in their heads.
The working ranch can say good by the their cattle herd as the elk take all of the forage and remain on the ranch year round.