Thursday, February 03, 2011

Political Catch Pen

Amy Garner at the Wash. Post reports Pairing of religious conservatism with fiscal sets Iowa tea partyers apart.

Steven Hayward addresses liberal revisionism of Reagan in Reagan Reclaimed.

Will President Obama Abide by Court’s Decision and Suspend Obamacare? asks Michael Franc and Roger Pilon has legal questions about ObamaCare After Judge Vinson’s Ruling.  Also see Peter Ferrara's The Legal Future of Obamacare at The American Spectator.

Michael Rappaport discusses the Presentment Clause in How a Bill Becomes a Law: The Constitutional Way

Orrin Hatch plays ball with tea party reports POLITICO.

Americans For Prosperity President Tim Phillips explains How House Republicans can seize the moment.

In his maiden speech on the Senate floor Rand Paul compares Tea Party to abolitionist movement

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