Friday, February 04, 2011

Political Catch Pen

With the Republican Study Committee in the House now at 170 strong, it is causing tension for the Republican leaders reports Politico in House conservatives push on policy.

In The GOP's Tea Party Tango Mark Mckinnon discusses the Tea Party's impact on the House and the Senate.

Ian Murray says alot more people than you think work for the government in Leviathan.

Citing House Republicans announcement they will only cut $32 billion from the budget, Libertarians say “Tea Party betrayed by tiny Republican budget cuts”.

At NRO, Robert Costa writes about Senator Rand Paul's budget proposal in Rand Rips and Andrew Stiles his maiden speech in The Question of Compromise.

In Funny Business, The Washington Prowlers says big corporations are falling in line to support Obama's "Startup America" program.

James Capretta writes about The Darkening Skies over Obamacare.

T.L. Davis reports on Death in the Desert: Project Gunwalker and the ATF Cover-Up.

The Hill reports the FEC has inflation-adjusted contributions in FEC increases contribution limits

Argus Hamilton: Bill Clinton was named Man of the Year by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals because of his public campaign urging everyone to eat vegan. He talked about how easy it was for him to switch to a meat-free diet. All he had to do was eat at Taco Bell.

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