Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Protesters march against Forest Service

Unsatisfied with progress being made through government channels, members of the public took matters into their own hands Friday, participating in a protest march against U.S. Forest Service actions on public lands. Carrying picket signs and banners, more than 100 people marched from the intersection of Colorado highways 145 and 184 to the Dolores Public Lands Office, where a short rally was held to express public dissatisfaction with road closures and policy changes on public lands. The event was organized by Doug and Kim Maxwell and Louie and Hellen Edwards. Officers from the Colorado State Patrol and Montezuma County Sheriff’s Office monitored the route. “It’s one right after another the government is taking away, and it has got to stop,” Doug Maxwell said before the march began. “We want to possibly get national attention to the issue and get the whole nation to wake up to what is going on.” Public discontent with Forest Service decisions has been growing in the wake of the release of the Mancos-Cortez and Rico-West Dolores travel management plans over the last four years. The fervor reached a new pitch last fall when the Forest Service released the Boggy-Glade travel management plan, which called for the elimination of motorized cross country travel and game retrieval and the closure of 155 miles of Forest Service roads...more


Anonymous said...

the forest service (at the national level. are redoing the u's' nat forest servive forests all of them. check out us forest service.com. and find out how to comment on their proposals. This is our last chance to stop them from these closures, of roads grazing, wood cutting and any use. Get involved. Try http://keep our freedom.com for ideas

Anonymous said...

Dont just fight them at the forest level, start at the top or nothing will happen! Email the chief and snail mail Tom tidwell@fs.fed.us
202-205-8439, also mwagner@fs.fed.us We are e-mailing on wednesdays. mail mondaysevery week until the system plugs up,, tom tidwell chief and asst.chief at W.O Forest service, Sidney R Yates Building 201 14th St. s.w
Washington D.c 200024