Friday, February 04, 2011

Ranchers rally groups to keep access

More than 1,000 ranchers and other public-lands users have banded together to preserve historic, multiple use of the Jarbidge area of southwest Idaho and northeast Nevada. The Jarbidge Coalition for Multiple Use was created to comment on the Bureau of Land Management's draft Resource Management Plan-Environmental Impact Statement for that area. The plan will guide resource management for the next 15 to 20 years. "One of the big concerns is access to certain areas," said Gus Brackett, whose family has ranched in the area since 1886. The issue is bigger than grazing alone. Sportsmen, all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts and other recreationists wanted a seat at the table as well. They're worried about road closures and lost access to areas that have historically been open to their use, Brackett said. Ranchers are worried about reduced grazing, which could harm their livelihoods, he added. All are concerned with new designations of wilderness areas, wilderness study areas and areas of critical environmental concern. The coalition was formed to address the issues, find consensus and comment on them in a short amount of time with one strong voice...more

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Least you forget, Multiple Use is 6 people around a picnic table.