Thursday, March 10, 2011

Heavy Cost If Montana Nullifies The Endangered Species Act

Testimony in the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday, March 9, says that should Montana nullify the Endangered Species Act it could potentially cost the state $500 million and 800 jobs. If the proposed bill by Representative Krayton Kerns of Laurel passes it would mean many state departments would lose federally matched dollars they currently rely on. Jim Lynch, director of the Montana Department of Transportation, says that his department alone would lose nearly $400 million for construction projects on federal highways...more

And here, Ken McDonald, FWP Wildlife Bureau Chief says, "FWP would lose eligibility to participate in federal aid programs and administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service as well as several other programs, and as a result we would have an impact of a loss of about $22-million dollars to Fish, Wildlife, and Parks."

Boo hoo.

But a state rep. get's it right:

Representative Kerns argues the fiscal note only proves that Montana is too tied up with federal dollars. He says the money doesn't exist, and the federal government is only trying to bribe Montana with debt.

No mention in either article of how much the ESA is costing the state.

Besides, no one ever said freedom was free.


Anonymous said...

Too bad, it's time to tighten the belt around the feds neck/purse....sorry!

aznmc said...

It is ok. The Montana state employees that loose thier jobs can go to work in the Eastern states or California
Howard Hutchinson