Friday, March 25, 2011

McCain unhappy with border security KOLD-TV

There has been improvement along the U.S.-Mexican border but it is  still not secure, says Sen. John McCain. McCain, who toured the Arizona border region Thursday, is critical that the Department of Homeland Security is pulling the National Guard off the border in June. "We witnessed a drug seizure while we were there in Douglas. And it's a bad situation." The group visited Yuma, Douglas and Nogales, and met with the family of rancher Robert Krentz, who was killed last year, and other area ranchers, and made them a promise. "Our commitment to them is that we will do everything we can to allow them to live in the same level of security and safety that the rest of the citizens of the country enjoy." Still violence on the south side of the border, according to McCain, has escalated. And the U.S. has not kept up. That's why he's critical of the decision to remove the National Guard...more

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