Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mexican drug cartel kills local man, looks for money

It's a bizarre story that may not be over. The murdered Albuquerque man lost a lot of money that belonged to the cartel. Now police have arrested someone who showed up at the victim's home looking for that money. The story takes a lot of twists and turns, and is a scary reminder of Mexican drug cartels' reach in our city. Juan Tovar is dead and his family terrified his killers will come after them. It all started about two weeks ago. Tovar's wife told police she went to Arizona to meet up with him. Instead she said they were kidnapped by Ebelyn Saenz and two men; she managed to get away, and make it back to Albuquerque. Two days later, after trying to reach her husband several times without any luck, she said she got text messages from him saying he was sorry and telling his family that he loved them. The next morning she learned he had been murdered in Mexico by a drug cartel. Tovar's wife soon discovered that her husband had been working for a drug cartel and had been trusted with half a million dollars. Money he told the cartel had been confiscated by police in Georgia. The cartel didn't buy the story...more

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