Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pearce Delivers Letter of Protest to Forest Service Chief

Today, Congressman Steve Pearce met with Thomas Tidwell, Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, to deliver a letter in opposition to proposed road closings in the Gila National Forest.

Congressman Pearce’s letter was written on behalf of the hundreds of constituents who have spoken out in opposition to the closings. Mr. Pearce is especially concerned for the elderly, families, and disabled who would be unable to access much of the forest with decreased road access. He has been contacted personally by numerous constituents who said the Forest Service’s plan would prevent them from visiting the places they have shared with loved ones for decades.

“I respectfully request that the Service reconsider its plans to close roads and trails in the Gila National Forest,” Pearce said in the letter. “In so doing, I specifically ask that you intervene to have the DEIS withdrawn and redrafted to ensure access for disabled and elderly Americans, hunters, hikers and other outdoor hobbyists. No American should be denied the right to enjoy the pristine habitats that their tax dollars pay for.”

Last week, over 700 New Mexicans packed a convention center in Silver City to oppose the closures. In a survey conducted by Congressman Pearce during a Tele-Town Hall last month, 89% of respondents said they opposed closing roads in the Gila.

Pearce, an avid outdoorsman, has consistently emphasized the importance of conservation and of preserving the state’s treasures. He also believes that enjoyment of those treasures is a freedom that must be preserved for everyone.

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James P. Barber said...

Concerned about the elderly, disabled and families. What BS. Cut off their S.S., medicare and no jobs thanks to Wall Street and the super rich that he defends, is not caring. Of course when you're a millionaire politician like Pearce you'll do anything to get out front of any cause that will get a few votes.

Cary Nickel said...

Representative Pearce is wasting no time standing up for his constituency! What a refreshing concept. Thank you Rep. Pearce! Keep the Gila open!

And Mr. Barber: What does social security or medicare have to do with the right to access our public lands? This topic is about stopping road closures..try to focus!

Frank DuBois said...

Cary, thanks for your excellent comment.

jhopkins04 said...

This dosent have much to do with the roads, as you will see after the comment period, they will cut cattle allotments. Stop camping and wood cutting to within 200 feet of a road. all cross country vehicle travel. you will not be able to retive down game with a vehicle at all. Better get mailing letters to the chief of the forest service (Tidwell) you are lucky to have a congressman to fight for you. Mike hopkins