Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wild lands designation will limit accessibility

A few facts. 1) Because wilderness restricts so many uses on public land, only Congress is authorized to create a wilderness area. 2) "Wild Lands" will not be designated by Congress, but by the BLM through land use planning and internal guidance. 3) A Wild Lands designation would allow an expanse of public land having the "characteristics" of wilderness to be managed according to the same strict standards as Congres-sionally designated wilderness, but without the consent of Congress. Even now, Western Congresspersons and governors are challenging the legality of Wild Lands on the grounds that it usurps the exclusive authority of Con-gress to create wilderness. It would be well for all Americans if they are successful. The ramifications of prioritizing wilderness values above all other multiple uses on vast new segments of public land are huge, and have rightfully alarmed broad segments of the public who depend on public lands both for their livelihoods, and for relaxation and recreation...more

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Anonymous said...

Unless you learn how to fight, kiss it goodby. Only the great unwashed will be able to use PUBLIC land.