Friday, April 08, 2011

“8 Murders a Day” documentary reveals horrors in Juarez

Students in San Diego are generally aware of the violence in Tijuana, but the extent to which this border city experiences violence is paltry in comparison to the tragedy that befalls the city of Juarez every day. New York director Charlie Minn plans to raise awareness of this violent and largely unaddressed issue with his recent documentary, "8 Murders a Day." Premiering at AMC San Diego Palm Promenade 24 tomorrow, his film plans to give a voice to the unheard Mexican people. "This movie sticks up for the innocent Mexican people of Juarez and gives them a voice," Minn said. "Their voice has been rudely ignored by both the United States and Mexican governments." Cartel violence is common in the news, but the extent to which this horror afflicts the people of this border city is not fully understood by the majority of Americans, and Minn believes his documentary will help to "jar people's minds" with the reality of the situation. Minn frequently states that these people are currently suffering a human rights crisis that is proportionate to 9/11. "With over 3,100 murders in Juarez last year," Minn said, "this city is the murder capital of the world." The documentary itself features several experts from the U.S., including author of "Murder City" Charles Bowden and other experts from establishments such as the El Paso Times and University of Texas in El Paso. Minn hopes that the facts present in these experts' testimonies will give the uninformed a more solid understanding of the gravity of Juarez's unrest...more

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