Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bishop: New budget deal puts big crimp in Salazar's 'Wild Lands' order

Here's what Bishop likes about the budget deal: “Implementation of the Secretarial Order would take hard-earned taxpayer dollars and put them toward a policy that would lock up millions of acres of public lands and destroy thousands of jobs," Bishop said. "The creation of new de-facto wilderness throughout the West would be severely detrimental to state and local economies and create a paralyzing uncertainty for western communities," he said. "Since the time it was announced, elected officials throughout the West recognized it was essential that this proposal be halted in its tracks. With the passage of this CR, we do just that,” said Bishop...more

Salazar held this policy back, so as to not jeopardize the passage of an Omnibus Wilderness bill, and only announcing it after Congress had left town last December.

That was cute but guess what - now he has neither.

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