Monday, April 04, 2011

Border towns are secure?

An article on the front page of the T-R on March 25, "Napolitano: US border towns with Mexico are safe" leads you to believe our southern border is safe with the quote "The border is better now than it ever has been." I have networked with families who had a family member killed by illegal aliens ever since my Mom was killed by an illegal alien. Ranchers in Arizona tell a vastly different story than Janet Napolitano. Perhaps the Associated Press should verify their facts instead of giving us the idea that Janet is telling the truth. Consider Sue whose husband Rob was murdered on their ranch near the border with Mexico on March 27, 2010. If our border is so secure, how was it that Rob was murdered on his ranch? Tracks were followed to the border. Sue mentions "all the times we had trucks stolen and the house robbed." My heart goes out to Sue as she tries to keep the ranch going. Life in Iowa can be difficult for our farmers, but imagine the danger the ranchers on our southern border face. Sue continues, "In one eight day period officials removed 500 people from the ranch." Imagine the dangers of trying to ranch with trespassers on the ranch - many who are heavily armed. I can't even imagine trying to work the land while facing running into someone carrying AK47's. Ask Brian Terry's family how secure the border is...more

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