Monday, April 18, 2011

Illegal entry and drug smuggling in perspective…what if all this was going on in your front yard?

Most of you do not live near the border so you probably have no idea what is going on down here. Let me try and put in a perspective you can relate to. Every night hundreds of people walk through your front yard. They leave water bottles, clothing, and other trash in your yard so every morning you have to clean up your yard. If you leave your car or truck parked outside one morning it will be gone…stolen. A few weeks later your stolen vehicle will be recovered as part of a drug bust. If you aren’t home, your home will be broken into. And occasionally you will spot a guy carrying an AK 47 leading a group of illegal aliens with large back packs or a string of horses loaded with duffle bags filled with marijuana through your yard. Every once in a while an undocumented immigrant will pound on your front door asking for water and first aid. You start leaving water bottles on your front porch. Even though you leave water bottles on your front porch, you often find your garden hose running in the morning because someone needed a drink but didn’t have the courtesy to turn off the faucet. You find out you can buy a locking mechanism to put on all your outdoor water faucets. Occasionally one of the immigrants pounding on your door has been the victim of border bandits, with even their shoes having been stolen. By now you have memorized the Border Patrol’s phone number. If you have a big front yard, you might even find a dead person in your yard…either an undocumented immigrant who died of heat exhaustion, or a victim of a drug cartel shooting...more

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