Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Isn't Obama Talking About the Human Skulls?

Here's the nutshell truth about the situation here: The border towns are relatively safe, thanks to more agents, more money, and better fencing. In Nogales proper, population 20,000, with more than 60 city cops and approximately 800 federal agents now working there, the crime rate has actually dropped. Nogales also has 18-foot-tall fences running out east and west of town. The feds base their security boasts on success in the border towns. But these efforts haven't stopped the illicit traffic, only moved it out into our remotest lands. Out of sight, out of mind is part of the government's plan. With the bad guys high up in the mountains and in the canyons, Napolitano and Bersin get the political cover to claim the war is just about won. Tell that to the folks living in and around the Coronado National Forest west of Nogales. It has become a modern-day frontier, as drug mules, illegal aliens, and bandits cross the Peck Canyon Smuggling Corridor. On Dec. 14, Border Patrol Brian Terry was murdered in Peck Canyon when his four-man tactical team got into a firefight with at least five bandits, several armed with AK-47s. The killing was sadly predictable...more

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