Thursday, May 12, 2011

‘Barbarism of Al Qaeda Has Nothing On These Mexican Cartels,’ Says Texas Safety Official

Steven McGraw, director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, told a House panel Wednesday that the “barbarism” of the Mexican drug cartels is worse than that of the radical Islamist terror group Al Qaeda. “International terrorists engage in organized crime to support their terrorist activities,” said McGraw, “whereas the Mexican cartels are now engaging in terrorist activities to support their criminal enterprises and organized crime activities -- and the barbarism of al Qaeda has nothing on these Mexican cartels.” "They're involved in kidnappings, extortions, murders," he said. "They've butchered 36,000 Mexican nationals and some American citizens." McGraw testified at a hearing of the House Homeland Security Oversight, Investigation, and Management Subcommittee. “We see four of our gangs that are operating directly with the cartels in supporting their hit squads and, by the way, there are hit squad members of the cartels living in Texas -- when we see that, we’re obviously concerned,” said McGraw. Since January of last year, McGraw’s department has identified 22 murders, 24 assaults, 15 shootings, and five kidnappings directly related to the cartels...more

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