Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mass Graves Reveal Dissension in Cartel, Say Police Sources

The mass graves in Durango, the Mexican city where investigators discovered 89 bodies, has produced clues that reveal a chink in the armor for one of the country's most notorious drug cartels. The ground zero for the massive graves discovered in the last few months in Mexico – where a total of 219 bodies were found – is a vacant car repair lot that hardly looks out of place in a vibrant but gritty part of the northern colonial city of Durango, famous as the set for John Wayne westerns. Only a closer look reveals the secrets hidden at "Servicios Multiples Carita Medina," clues to exactly what kind of "multiple services" were rendered. The freshly turned soil is sprinkled with lime to kill the smell and littered with discarded Latex gloves and an empty cardboard box: "Adult Cadaver Bag. 600 gauge, Long Zipper, For Cadavers of up to 75 inches. 15 pieces." In the most gruesome find in Mexico's four-year attack on organized crime, police dug up 89 bodies in the repair lot, buried over time in plain sight of homes, schools and stores...more

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