Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Texas Border City Sees Increase In Young Smugglers

There is no doubt that crime in Mexico has a huge influence on Americans living on the border. Yesterday we showed you the effects it was all having on some ranchers in Eagle Pass. Today we show you that even educators there are seeing students trade in their books for bundles of drugs. Annette Garcia was in Eagle Pass and has the story. Millions of dollars in drugs will make it across the border each year.
The ones who get the job done stand to earn big profit. But recently those smuggling in the marijuana and cocaine here aren't who you might imagine. They're children, some as young as 13 years old. Americans offered 300 or 400 dollars, sometimes more, to move a load. “It was kinda startling to find out they weren’t doing small quantities it was big loads.” Eagle Pass ISD officials say the feds called a meeting in March to discuss the trend. According to border patrol, 98 juveniles were arrested last year for smuggling and 56 arrested so far this year. “We put all our principals on alert our security our police department.” It’s a wave of young smugglers Maverick County had never seen...more

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