Thursday, June 02, 2011

Border Fire

This was sent along from an associate in response to the story I posted earlier today.

Dear Friends:

Wild Fires caused by illegal aliens along the U.S. Border with Mexico are a common historical event and WERE reported as such by the U.S. Forest Service. The truth today is that these Wildfires WERE a common historical event until the current administration arrived in Washington, DC.

Public Lands located along the Arizona Border constitute major corridors used by illegal aliens to enter the United States in violation of law. A large percentage of these lands in Santa Cruz County & Cochise County Arizona are National Forest Lands.

Example scenario:

Border Patrol Agents tracking a group of illegal aliens from where they illegally crossed into the United States to where they started a wildfire in the Coronado National Forest, Santa Cruz County Arizona, are accompanied by U.S. Forest Service Wild Lands Firefighters. While tracking these illegal aliens, from their point of illegal entry into the United States, the Border Patrol Agents and U.S. Forest Service Wild Lands Firefighters overtake the group of illegal aliens who readily admit that they started the wildfire in question. When asked by news reporters on the scene the U.S. Forest Service is prohibited from stating that the wildfire was started by illegal aliens, even though there is absolutely no doubt that the wildfire was in fact started by illegal aliens and both the U.S. Border Patrol and the U.S. Forest Service not only know that the wildfire was started by illegal aliens they also know who the illegal aliens are that started the wildfire and that those illegal aliens are in United States custody.

The process goes something like this. The U.S. Forest Service Wildland Firefighters notify the district ranger for the Sierra Vista Ranger District in Sierra Vista, Arizona, of their findings. The upward chain of command from there is Jim Upchurch the Coronado Forest Supervisor in Tucson to Corbin Newman the Regional Forester in Albuquerque. None of this chain of command is allowed to reveal the facts of who started the fire. However, Heidi Schewell in the Public Affairs Office at Forest Service Headquarters in Washington, DC, contacts the State Department and determines what, if anything, the Forest Service may say publicly about how the Willdfire was started and by whom. The Department of State decides what the Forest Service is allowed to say about the incident regardless of what the facts are. Whatever Heidi Schewell reports about the Wildfire is controlled by the Department of State, not the U.S. Forest Service and not the facts.

Referencing the Arlene Fire in the story below we can then deduce that there is nearly a 100% chance that the fire was human caused and because of the proximity to the border it has a better than an 80% chance of having been started by illegal aliens.

Arlene Fire burns in San Rafael Valley

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Public Lands located along the Arizona Border constitute major corridors used by illegal aliens to enter the United States in violation of law.