Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Official: Cartel Members Not Likely to Attack International Bridge, Spillover Violence More Likely In Remote Areas

Federal law enforcement officers are training, making sure they are prepared for the violence surfacing along the border. Customs and Border Protection officials say they are keeping an eye on what's going on in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. They say at any time the four international bridges in Los Indios and Brownsville could fall victim to spillover violence. Shootouts between drug cartels have already happened at the Los Indios and B&M bridges in the Lower Valley. The threat of spillover violence is ever present. Customs and Border Protection officials have even shut down the bridges on the American side. Lower Valley Port Director Michael Freeman says it's something that's on their radar. "We are prepared. Our officers are prepared if there's any type of spillover violence that may happen at the port of entry. We are here to meet that threat," says Freeman. The Brownsville police chief told CHANNEL 5 NEWS last week he's not sure about the accuracy of information coming out of Matamoros. CBP leaders have a different view. They say they believe and trust the Mexican police commanders and the soldiers stationed there. Freeman adds he doubts the drug cartels would attack an international bridge in Brownsville or Los Indios. Federal officers say it’s more likely spillover violence would happen in an isolated area where there is only a small concentration of law enforcement...more

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