Friday, July 29, 2011

Adults spend days in the trees to earn certification

When you're young you climb trees for fun, but some adults have made a career out of it and for the past three days, instructors have been helping Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management employees get certified to climb trees. Lead Instructor John Weston says when climbing large trees with no branches, there are many methods you can use to reach the top. "Spur climbing is typically what we used to do but it's very hard on some trees. So we teach them how to use tree climbing ladders, we teach them to use ropes to go up the trees, we teach them how to repel out of the trees which is the fun part." Weston says this is how the state takes care of the forest but not everyone in this line of work can get certified...more

Wasn't that long ago we came down out of the trees to make a better way of life and now the damned guvmint is making us go back...and without our spurs.

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