Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black bear sightings expand to heavily populated areas

A black bear has been sighted several times roaming throughout town in Mt. Vernon. Even police officers have seen it. Now everyone wants it found. Ever since people in Rockcastle County began reporting black bear sightings, some folks have been getting nervous. "If we see a bear, and he's in our backyard, we're probably going to shoot it," Matthew Carte said. Carte lives right next to the city park in Mount Vernon close to where some reported seeing a bear wandering through the grass. "It's pretty dangerous especially with kids next door," Carte said, "I'm not going to just sit back and watch him go over to the park and maul a kid." Fish & Wildlife officials say they expect to see a spike in bear sightings between late June and early July during breeding season, and they say when bears reach populated areas, it's usually because they're roaming extensively looking for breeding opportunities...more

Based on all the news stories about black bears invading urban areas one can only conclude they must be horny suckers. Street walkin' bears, who'd a thunk it.

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