Monday, July 11, 2011

Blind rancher rescues injured friend after horse accident

He could hear the screams, somewhere out in the field he couldn't see. Somewhere out there among the cattle, where she could be seriously hurt. Somewhere. Keith Day has been blind all his life, only able to see some colors or large shapes if the lighting was just right. But he could hear his friend, Morgan Martinez, and he had to find her. A little more than a year ago, Morgan of Ault became the eyes for Day. She helped with home chores, drove him around in the car, helped on his small cattle ranch. An experienced horsewoman, Morgan will be a senior at Highland High School in Ault this year, but the accident in the pasture a week ago came close to changing all of that. “I don't remember very much,” Morgan said. She was thrown from her horse and landed on her head and neck and couldn't get up. Day was near the ranchhouse, about 300 to 400 yards away, when he heard Morgan scream. “She was out there on a horse, rounding up the cattle so we could sort out the heifers,” Day said. “Then a wind came up and I heard a distorted scream and the horse ran away. I knew something happened, but I couldn't tell which way because of the wind noise.” Calling her name and hearing her scream, Day found his way across the fields and to the place where Morgan was thrown...more

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