Friday, July 15, 2011

Copper mine plan for Superior advances in U.S. House

A bill to clear the way for development of North America's largest copper mine, near Superior, was approved Wednesday by a deeply divided House Natural Resources Committee. The party-line vote by the committee was 26-19, with Republicans supporting the federal land swap needed to facilitate the Resolution Copper Mining project and Democrats opposing it. The next step is a vote by the full House, possibly before the August legislative recess begins Aug. 6. The Republican-led chamber is expected to pass the bill, which supporters say could bring nearly 4,000 jobs to Arizona. Its fate in the Senate is far less certain...more

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Anonymous said...

This proposed copper mine reminds me of the opening scene of the movie Avatar showing the massive gigantic earth moving machine chewing up huge sections of land and gouging miles deep trenches extending for miles. Nothing living in sight, just computer operated hydraulic machines run by a single guy behind a computer monitor in his bed room somewhere, much like a drone operator slaughtering families of brown people.