Monday, July 11, 2011

Locals To Humane Society of the United States: Keep the money

The Humane Society of the United States offered a $5,000 grant to the local humane society in Columbus, and the local society turned it down for fear of offending … just about everyone. Critics have condemned the HSUS for pushing a variety of programs and legislation aimed at regulating some elements of animal agriculture, most especially involving the containment and other treatment of animals. Gov. Dave Heineman vehemently attacked the HSUS last December during a talk before the Nebraska Cattlemen convention. “They try to start with [regulating] pork and poultry production, and then they’re gonna be after you guys,” Heineman said. ““It’s an organization you cannot trust and I do not trust,”. The Platte Valley Humane Society board, which voted 10-0 to reject the unsolicited money, was nice about turning it down. Noting its location in an agricultural community, the board said, "some of your policies regarding farm animals would be in conflict with the ideals of many of our local supporters." The local society noted it is supported by the local ag industry and animal advocates...more

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