Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mexico's border with California resembles a demilitarized zone

David Bejarano was a police officer in San Diego back in the 1980s, when he said the U.S. border with Mexico was truly out of control. "You could drive a trailer across (from Mexico) with people, dope, whatever you wanted," he said. "We used to have hundreds of people literally rushing across Interstate 5." Now, Mexico's border with California — the birthplace of the 649-mile-long border fence being built by the USA— resembles a demilitarized zone. In highly populated areas south of San Diego, U.S. Border Patrol vehicles patrol dirt roads between 18-foot-high fences. Cameras monitor hard-to-reach valleys, and drivers must idle through Border Patrol checkpoints that sit 4,000 feet above sea level along Interstate 8 in the Jacumba Mountains. The San Diego County Sheriff's Office is even enlisting beach lifeguards to help identify smugglers bearing drugs and illegal immigrants by boat from Mexico...more


Anonymous said...

But! the goof in the WH says the border is quiet!

wctube said...

We used to have hundreds of people literally rushing across Interstate..