Monday, August 08, 2011

Juarez shootout interrupts Bowie High School football and volleyball practice

EL PASO, Texas -- A shooting in Juarez hits a little too close to home for Bowie High School students. At least one high-ranking Juarez police officer was shot and killed during a massive gunfight right across the U.S./Mexico border. A Saturday morning football practice and a volleyball scrimmage were interrupted when gunshots were heard nearby. A parent, who did not want to be identified, said at first no one really understood what was going on. "We heard all kinds of gunshots at first we thought it was fireworks," the parent said. "There were a lot of them. More than 30 or 40." The parent said there were long pauses between the groups of shots. “Then they would continue and they (the school staff) pulled everyone inside. That was scary," the parent said. According to Mexican officials, a high-ranking Juarez police officer, Victor Nazario Moreno Ramirez, was shot and killed. His truck was shot 420 times...more

Here's the KFOX video report:

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