Friday, August 12, 2011

Nonlethal wolf deterrents touted, questioned

A demonstration of nonlethal wolf deterrents sparked debate among livestock producers and conservationists Wednesday morning as representatives from Defenders of Wildlife attempted to reach out to the ranching public. Field technicians from the Wood River Wolf Project, an organization dedicated to helping wolves and sheep coexist, brought out air horns, portable spotlights and even a 5-month-old guard dog in an attempt to show the handful of ranchers in attendance what can be done to keep wolves out of their herds. Nonlethal methods center on three main principles: closely supervising herds, avoiding wolves and scaring wolves away from livestock...more

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Anonymous said...

Those protesters need to stay out in the woods with all of their noise makers and keep the wolves off of the sheep. Trouble is it is a 24-7 job and none of them have ever worked or held a job.