Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Expert Says Cartel Members Living Among Us

Cartel members may be living next to you, down the street or in your neighborhood. You might never know unless you see it on the news. Examples include the deadly shooting on Expressway 83 in McAllen three weeks ago. The man who died was a Gulf Cartel operative. The McAllen Police Department won't give us any information about him or show us his picture. They won't even talk about the shooting. The truth is we may never know the exact number of cartel crimes that might be happening in the Valley. What we can tell you is two or three homicides a month may not be just homicides. They may be cartel hits. Hundreds of drivers cross the border legitimately everyday, including cartel operatives. “There’s a lot of fraud that goes on and they have the money to use fraudulent documents,” says former DEA Supervisor Phil Jordan. Jordan says he estimates there are hundreds of cartel members living in the Valley. He says we're talking about cartel bosses and upper management flying under the radar with fake names. They're not on the DEA or FBI's most wanted list yet. “They have safe houses on this side of the border so if there's problems on the Mexican side, they can come to the American side,” says Jordan. Cartel hits happen all the time. We just don't know it. “There’s at least two or three a month that happen but are not documented as such because they are classified as murders,” says Jordan...more

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